Kristin Koonce

Kristin Koonce is an encourager, laughter-enthusiast, and visionary who longs to truly see and love others well.

From selling insurance alongside her dad, to public speaking, to helping kids of all ages explore a world of possibilities, to working alongside nonprofit organizations and helping them tell their unique stories in a way that captivates their target audience and compels them to take action...Kristin has been on a journey to discover her God-given gifts and what she was made to do.

Throughout the past five (5) years, she has become more and more aware of what is most life-giving for her:

Kristin is extremely passionate about locking arms with those around her and helping them see the beauty in what already is, while simultaneously helping them imagine what could one day be.

As a real estate agent, Kristin hopes to be intentional about hearing the hearts of her clients. She is determined to use her creativity to help sellers close a chapter of their life in a way that adds value and meaning to a process that is often bittersweet, and to help buyers find exactly what it is they're searching for as they look for a piece of property to one day call home.

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