Amy Tracy has been a realtor in the East Texas area for over 6 years, both in Longview and Tyler. She grew up in Dallas, but has called East Texas home for over 22 years. Amy loves helping buyers find the perfect house- with 4 kids from 11-22, she understands the need for the perfect space to call Home- and finds the search challenging and exhilarating. Amy also knows communication is key with her clients, and makes it a priority to keep everyone connected and at ease throughout every stage of the process. Amy also has a certification in Home Staging, and can assure your home is in prime shape to sell for top dollar. Amy treasures each and every one of her clients, and is thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such an important part of people’s lives.

First job: Babysitting

Perfect Day: Waking up with my family and spending the day at the beach, getting a bit sunburned, going home and grilling dinner and settling in for a movie night.

Proudest moment: I have so many – but anytime I see my children be kind, compassionate and pursuing their dreams.

Most embarrassing moment: I have SO many…but falling down the stairs as a freshman in high school and knocking down the most popular senior boy still haunts me!

Biggest challenge: Juggling work, family and keeping all the balls in the air