Seller Tips

Have you ever wondered what you should or shouldn’t do to get your home ready to sell?

Even if your property is expected to sell fast, missing these steps can cost you thousands in profit in your time, energy and resources.

Did you know that the average home showing is only 15 minutes long? It’s not uncommon for buyers to already know if they want to write an offer on your home before they ever step foot inside because they study the photos so closely.

Here are a few tried and true tips:

  • You want your home to be fresh, light, bright, smelling good and clean, so it may be worth the investment of having a professional cleaner to come through the home to get your home show ready.

  • Consider changing the lightbulbs and updating the light fixtures. Make sure every bulb is working including lamps, your pool light, landscaping lights, the lights over your oven, and ensure all of your bulbs match. This is an easy change that makes a big difference.

  • You want your home to be clutter free so the new owner can picture themselves living there so box up anything you’re not using, organize closet and pantries. The general rule is: if there is something on a countertop or cabinet, clear it!

  • Think of your last visit to a VRBO: less is more! Consider storing any boxes, clutter, bulky furniture, pieces, and toys in a storage unit or in your garage.

  • Bathrooms: Remove all toiletries from the countertops that you have on display.

  • Laundry room: Make sure this room is clean and organized. Put away any random items that tend to collect in the laundry room. Buy some matching bins to store them in or place them inside cabinets.

  • Kitchen: Counters to be as clear as possible. Clean inside the oven, microwave and the fridge. Remove all of the magnets and photos from the refrigerator.

  • Bedrooms: They should be inviting and look almost like a hotel room!

  • Living room: Vaccum the sofa and the chairs. And while this might be kind of sad for you, please put away any family photos that you have out. Any piles of paperwork need to be put away. The cleaner the better.

  • Make sure the entrance to your home and front yard are clean, decluttered and inviting. Paint your front door if needed and invest in bright pillows or cushions on your patio furniture. Add fresh flowers for the pots and pull weeds.

We make sure to go over all tips and advice in detail at our Listing Consultation.

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